Submission Guidelines

The Global Spark blog is about change: change we see, change we want to see, change we are willing to undertake ourselves, bringing others with us.

Consider what equity, education, and the environment mean to you – in your world and in the world at large. Think of your community, your school, your work, the global world. What’s working? What change needs to occur? Where? How? Why do we need the change you are proposing? Are people already working to make change? Who are they? What do you admire about their work? How can you help? These are just a few questions – you might have more or even better questions – to consider when you’re considering sharing your world view with this audience.

Submission guidelines: Please submit a 400-600 word post with a focus at least one of our ideals: equity, education, environment to

The Global Spark staff will review your submission and, if it fits our work, we will contact you to let you know when your writing will post, with an author’s credit. Please also include a bio of no more than 50 words to be included with your post and your Twitter name.

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