Oneida Nation’s Lea Zeise on Tribal Agriculture

The opportunity that I see is all this buying power that we have with our casinos, our businesses, our restaurants, in being able to purchase food directly from tribes and tribal producers.

Lea Zeise, with the Intertribal Agriculture Council, focuses on the improvement of agriculture on tribal lands, also linking the health of Indian Nation with the health of our environment.

In the US, there are 80,000 American Indian farm/ranch operators with an average age of 58. These producers are selling 3.4 billion dollars worth of raw agriculture product per year and own in excess of 96 million acres, second only to the US Government.
Often overlooked is the tremendous potential of this land to create self-sustaining economies based on renewable resource production and the production of food from the soil or hoof to the plate to the most impoverished group of people in the US. – Intertribal Agriculture Council

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