Get Involved

Committed to the ideals of equity and education for all, and to sustaining the environment? We’re interested in partnering with you!

We want to partner with you:

  • Expertise: We seek reciprocal relationships with others who are working to solve issues affecting equity, education, and the environment.
  • Collaboration: We seek to work with organizations that want to improve the lives of others through collaborative efforts that enhance resources, maximize outcomes, and are measurable and sustainable.
  • Research: We seek visionary scholars who want to apply their research in practical, meaningful ways.
  • Bloggers: Got something important to say? Global Spark’s Blog may be the place to get your voice heard. See our Submission Guidelines.

Contact Us to discuss opportunities to work together.


Global Spark partners with community experts and leaders to deliver resources and tools to improve outcomes for organizations and those they serve. Our founding leadership has experience working with hundreds of organizations over several decades and each is an expert educator and consultant. As demonstrated by our guiding principles, we are committed to improving communities through our focus on equity, education, and environment.

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