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Getting Assistance:

  • What kind of help does Global Spark provide? We are here to help you with strategic planning and decision-making in areas such as marketing. policy, and mentorship.
  • How can I request assistance? Email GlobalSpark3@gmail.com with a brief description of your project and how we might help you.

Global Spark History:

  • When was Global Spark founded? In 2012.
  • Why was it founded? As an umbrella for collaborative work in social justice issues such as equity, education, and the environment.
  •  Who is involved? The original founders (Dr. Deniz Zeynep Leuenberger, Danielle Newton, and Dr. Nancy Van Leuven) are joined by partners, Board members, and committees.

Guest Blogging:

  • Who can write for the Global Spark blog? Anybody who wants to start or join a conversation about improving their community.
  • How can I submit posts? Submission guidelines are here.

International Services:

  • Where does Global Spark work? We have done work in many areas, including Europe, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and China.
  • Can Global Spark members travel to us? Yes, although we find that sometimes the best work can be done remotely to save time, resources, and energy.


  • How can we partner with Global Spark? If our work resonates with you, please join our efforts and contact us at GlobalSpark3@gmail.com.
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