Business as Usual at Monsanto?


It would not be to shut down or to vilify the company; instead, let’s have a two-way dialogue. Specifically: Does social media impact corporate transparency and ways of doing business, in light of today’s European resistance against glyphosate?

After all, grassroots activists and others disparage Monsanto for advancing genetically modified foods and trees that disrupt indigenous food supplies, soils, and water.  Millions Against Monsanto, for instance, began in the mid-1990’s, and today, IdleNoMore continues a global presence to protect the land and water while honoring indigenous sovereignty.

Within the last two years, research studies have blamed corporations such as Monsanto for producing neurotoxic Roundup and bee declines and colony collapse; however, representatives of the corporation also joined the ivory tower by co-authoring pieces such as this one about the iPhone effect and poly-consciousness.

So, when corporate practices come to light, what do we – the conscious consumer – see? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell with any clarity, so my question is this: Has the power of the human voice in consumer activism, brought to the fore by social media platforms, impacted Monsanto’s business practices at all, or is it simply business as usual for the company?

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