Picture this: You get to invite anybody to a groundbreaking convo about mitigating climate change, feeding Earth’s growing population, and preserving our resources.

Susty fans, yeah? With maybe a sprinkling of policy or academic folks? Now, imagine these agricultural giants in the final list:

Surprised? Yup, big bad Monsanto is coming to the party. And we should be THRILLED and VERY HAPPY that the @TriplePundit team is bringing everybody to the table.

Here’s why it’s critical to engage with “the environmental community’s favorite bad guy.” And here’s how this Twitter chat works.

Bring some smart and constructive questions. We don’t always get the chance to talk with CEOs and it’s harder for them to hear us, the higher up they go. So let’s rise together and meet them where they are! 

TUESDAY, March 8. 9:00 a.m. PST/12 p.m. EST at #Ag4thefuture

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